Pantone Colors Forecast 2017

Much of the your daily experience is filtered through your eyes, and among everything you see, color is important! The colors and hues you are wearing can say a lot about you. Whether you wear them from head to toe, or incorporate them into a print, here are 6 of the trending hues chosen and forecasted from Pantone- your essential color guide to this Spring/Summer 2017 season. Primrose Yellow Yellow is the lightest Hue of the spectrum and is considered uplifting and illuminating. This classic yellow radiates heat and happiness. It’s an inviting color that will brighten anyone's day. Primrose yellow will be a go to color in various prints, stripes and floral. Liven up your closet this seaso

Trending: Summer 2017

With the help of the wonderful Spirit Room, we held our seasonal Table-Side Fashion Show for summer 2017. A day filled with mimosas, food and fashion was a complete success showcasing this season's trending fashions. Here is a little recap on what to wear this season: Summer 2017. Bright Colors and Yellow Yellow?! Yes yellow. Believe it or not “primrose yellow” is the main trending color this summer along with other bright and bold colors. Yellow will be seen on just about every clothing item. Being the lightest color in the spectrum, yellow portrays happiness and energy. This summer is perfect to brighten up your closet with some yellow and bright pieces. One-Shoulders Show a little sh

5 Basic Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re anything like us - your closet is maxed out, but it feels like you have nothing to choose from. What if we said that these 5 basic essential could refresh your closet, withstand multiple seasons of trends, never leaving you with the feeling that you have “nothing to wear”? Well, here it is - we said it. Chambray Top Ah, the chambray top. The most versatile piece a woman can own to make any outfit come together and provides endless opportunities when creating a look. A chambray top can simply be worn alone and accessorized, it can be paired with a cardigan, a pullover sweater, and finally it can be worn over a t-shirt or tank. Not to mention, if you find the right one, they prov

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