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We've been designing our own goods since day one here at blue arrow boutique. After receiving multiple requests to do more runs of the “freaking cold” or Lake Superior embroidered items... we decided to make a line of it's own. (And, there is a whole philosophy behind how all these goods started in the first place!- see below.)

The items can be purchased at blue arrow boutique. We will also include these items to our $5 flat rate SHIP deal! Call, email, DM, or stop by to snag your new blue. gear!

blue. was born in 2017, but we feel has existed for many many years. For as long as there was a Great Lake, and people flocked to live by it, and explored the natural resources, there was a “Fresh Life-style.”

blue. is more than a name, it’s sharing a passion and pride for where we live. We strive to provide clothing and goods that combine fashion and function while promoting the style of life that comes along with co-existing with a Great Lake.

Whether you’re a local, transplant, or visitor, we all have one thing in common...the pull of the “Fresh Life-style”.

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