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Who's Your Best Guy/Gal?

In honor of Valentine's Day- we think it's time for another contest!

Have a best pal- a guy or a gal?

Tell us what makes them so special (by creating a heart-shaped collage of words and pictures) and you BOTH could win!

PRIZES: (Grab Bag Style… receive just for entering)

25% Off Coupon for Each Participant for your next BAB Purchase (exp. 2/29/16)

or BAB Grab Bag

WINNERS: Your “Best Gal” = $50 Gift Card to BAB, Your “Best Guy” = $50 Gift Card to Scalvi's


How to ENTER:

-Create a heart collage as described below

-Include your name + your guy/gal's name and contact info (phone number or email) on the back of your entry

-You may enter NOW by dropping the Heart off in person at BAB or mail to BAB: 1404 Tower Ave. Superior, WI 54880. All entries must be collected by Feb. 10, 2016

-Note: The sooner you get your Heart to BAB, the sooner you get your prize! Only one entry per person.

RULES for Your Heart Collage:

-Must be 2-Dimensional (Flat)

-Must be 6”x6” (and not exceed 10”x10”)

-Must be Heart-shaped

-Must include text for why you're nominating a gal or guy

-Must be fun and for all eyes to see.

-Must include your name clearly marked on the back + name and contact info of guy/gal

-(For examples, please see the album “2016 Best Gal-Best Guy”)

How Your “Best Gal or Guy” will WIN a $50 Gift Certificate:

-All Entries will be photographed and uploaded to the facebook album, “2016 Best Gal-Best Guy” (And, on Instagram)

-BAB Followers will “Vote” by “Liking” their favorite “Best Gal” AND “Best Guy” on Facebook and Instagram.

-The Gal AND Guy with the MOST “Likes” will win a $50 Gift Certificate!

-Voting will END @ 6pm on Feb. 11th.

-Winner will be announced Feb.12th.

NOTE: BAB has the right to refuse any contest submission that we deem inappropriate Our goal in this contest is to have fun and show the love you have for your gal or guy (and give prizes away-we like that).


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