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5 Basic Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re anything like us - your closet is maxed out, but it feels like you have nothing to choose from. What if we said that these 5 basic essential could refresh your closet, withstand multiple seasons of trends, never leaving you with the feeling that you have “nothing to wear”?

Well, here it is - we said it.


Chambray Top

Ah, the chambray top. The most versatile piece a woman can own to make any outfit come together and provides endless opportunities when creating a look. A chambray top can simply be worn alone and accessorized, it can be paired with a cardigan, a pullover sweater, and finally it can be worn over a t-shirt or tank. Not to mention, if you find the right one, they provide comfort and are lightweight! Does it get better? Nope.

Classic Skinny Jean

Many women are hesitant of the classic skinny jean because of the struggle they may face in finding the right pair. This is unfortunate because there is a pair out there for you (we promise) and they are a must for your closet. Why? Because they can make any look appear crisp and clean, they can be worn with just about any shoe, and they can be rolled to change the style and length. The skinny jean trend is not going anywhere so now’s your time!

Criss-Cross Tank

Tanks are a must have item in every woman's closet, especially this season's style. The layering possibilities of a classic cami are nothing new BUT this current tank trend will have you replacing all the basics with a criss-cross option from one of our favorite brands, Niki Biki. Unlike our classic tank top, they cross in the front, and when paired with the right shirt they provide a unique look. Here we have paired it with a low cut tank and tees, but they look great with any outfit and not to mention they are also very comfortable!

Ballet Flat

The ballet flats are a simple classic. Not only do they come in many different styles but they also can be worn with many different bottoms. Every woman should add these to their closet because they are simply the most versatile shoe. From a Thursday morning meeting, to a night out with girlfriend’s, or a casual day out on the town, they will get you through just about anything.


The legging is a blessing to every woman who owns them. They are the most comfortable pant ever, and they are socially acceptable to wear in public when paired with a long enough top. What more can you ask for? The legging is very versatile because they can be dressed up or down with just about any top. Niki Biki offers our favorite seamless legging option- available in a variety of colors and made in the USA! From everyday-wear, to lounging at home, they are perfect.


Most of these staples are always available at BAB so you can update your closet today! To keep up with our ever changing inventory follow us on social media. Did your must have make the list? Show us how you styled your favorites and use our hashtag pictured below!

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