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Trending: Summer 2017

With the help of the wonderful Spirit Room, we held our seasonal Table-Side Fashion Show for summer 2017. A day filled with mimosas, food and fashion was a complete success showcasing this season's trending fashions. Here is a little recap on what to wear this season: Summer 2017.


Bright Colors and Yellow

Yellow?! Yes yellow. Believe it or not “primrose yellow” is the main trending color this summer along with other bright and bold colors. Yellow will be seen on just about every clothing item. Being the lightest color in the spectrum, yellow portrays happiness and energy. This summer is perfect to brighten up your closet with some yellow and bright pieces.


Show a little shoulder! The one-shoulder is making a major comeback this summer. This flash-dance inspired look works perfectly with a pair of shorts, jeans or on a dress this summer. It is lightweight and unique and not to mention it seems to flatter every different body type allowing it to look great on just about anyone. Every woman should give the one-shoulder a shot!


If we had to pick the #1 trend of this coming summer 2017 it would absolutely be floral print. We can promise that floral print will be seen on an array of garments. Floral print can look favorable with just about anything, has a variety of color options and will often be paired with other prints such as stripes. Each floral print differs, making it unique and will always make you feel like one-of-a-kind!

Statement/Graphic Tees

Looking for something simple? Well the graphic tee should be your go-to this summer. They are comfortable, versatile and they pair nicely with jean and cardigans. Whether it’s a statement that correlates with an event or a completely random graphic, these are fun and simple for this summer!


Make a statement with bold stripes or business stripes! This summer, stripes are an additional print that will be seen just about everywhere. The business stripe is more of a pin striped look that is chic and can be worn for just about any occasion. Statement stripes are bold colorful stripes that will most definitely make a statement. All options are a comeback classic this summer.


A bralette is the solution to every woman’s problems. Why? Because they eliminate the stress of a regular bra by providing comfort all while still holding shape! No more pain and certainly no more worrying about bra straps. They are not only remarkably useful but they add style when they are worn under and paired properly with tanks, t-shirts, open-backs and dresses! Lace bralettes are all the rage this summer.


Ruffles are a dramatic touch to any garment. Whether they are around the neck of a shirt, around the bottom or all over, they create a unique and feminine look. Not only are they used for style purposes but they can also add shape to a garment. Ruffles are a must-have style!


Stop into blue arrow boutique this season to find these 8 trends plus many more!

Also, a big thanks to those who came to our last fashion show!

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