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Pantone Colors Forecast 2017

Much of the your daily experience is filtered through your eyes, and among everything you see, color is important! The colors and hues you are wearing can say a lot about you.

Whether you wear them from head to toe, or incorporate them into a print, here are 6 of the trending hues chosen and forecasted from Pantone- your essential color guide to this Spring/Summer 2017 season.


Primrose Yellow

Yellow is the lightest Hue of the spectrum and is considered uplifting and illuminating.

This classic yellow radiates heat and happiness. It’s an inviting color that will brighten anyone's day. Primrose yellow will be a go to color in various prints, stripes and floral. Liven up your closet this season with this Pantone pick.


The color green signifies nature, life, youth, safety and hope.

Here it is, Pantone’s color of the year 2017. If you haven't already seen this color just about everywhere, you will. This fertile green has a earthy feel giving off an urge to explore the earth. Go out of your comfort zone with this color.

Pale Dogwood

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love.

This peaceful pink is innocent, and pure. Its subtle hue is unforgettable and unique. It can be considered as neutral but can also stand out which is the beauty of it. Pale dogwood will grab everyone's attention and leave them mesmerized.

Island Paradise

Blue symbolizes stability, loyalty, confidence, intelligence and peace.

Something about this cool blue tone will have you hooked. It is classic, clean and tranquil hue that is the blue of all blues. Be on the lookout for this perfect color this season and let Island Paradise take you to a serene escape.


The color tan is a serious, down-to-earth color signifying stability, structure and support.

This neutral tan is a must have for this spring/summer. It is the go to neutral for this season because of its warmth and natural feel. It will pair perfectly with all the colors in your closet and you will be in love with the way it does!

Pink Yarrow

Bright pinks stimulate energy, action and portrays confidence.

Pink Yarrow, unlike Pale Dogwood, is a pink tone that is stimulating and bold. It lifts spirits with its festive glow and brings out the confidence you never knew you had. Be unique with this pink tone this season and you will feel new and unstoppable.


Whether you are feeling bold with a little Pink Yarrow or neutral with Hazelnut, these trending colors are must haves this season! Explore the new mind opening possibilities that color can bring to your mood and how you are perceived daily.

Come shop at BAB and explore the endless Pantone essentials for this Spring and Summer!

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