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Twin Ports Destination Bracelet

Twin Ports Destination Bracelet

We designed the Twin Ports Destination Bracelet as a symbol to honor two communities that are joined by more than just a bridge. Made with precious metals in the USA. Available in store.

The Story Behind the Design

Resting on two picturesque lakefront shores, the cities of Superior and Duluth have always shared a past. The Twin Ports Destination® Bracelet is a symbolic treasure created to honor the past and present natural beauty and the spirit of community of these two cities joined by more than just a bridge.

In precious metals, the likeness of the Blatnik Bridge spans the shape of Lake Superior, and the two symbols together signify the bond of Superior and Duluth through many generations.

Two, 14-karat gold or sterling silver wraps on either side of the bridge represent both cities, which share the Duluth-Superior harbor. The Twin Ports promise a warm welcome, enchantment, and relaxation. The Twin Ports Destination® Bracelet is a constant reminder of that promise.

Wear, remember, and enjoy!

Twin Ports Destination Bracelet

This unisex bracelet is available with a 4mm or 6mm band, and in half sizes from 6.5 - 8.5

To determine out what size will work best:

Measure the circumference of your wrist with a flexible tape measure and add 1/2". Round to the next size up if necessary.

Prices range from $74 - $172 depending on size, style & materials.

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