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Trending: Spring 2018

Spring has officially sprung! Here's what we're excited about this season-


BRIGHTS & BOLDS 2018 is not the time to throw shade. Put shades on, because the future is BRIGHT! Expect to see vibrant colors paired together & not toned down with neutrals.

PASTELS “Delicacy can be strong,” said our fav. Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. Tailor yourself in ice-cream hues: Lilac, Pink, Lemon, or Duck-egg blue.

PURPLE Named the Pantone color of the year for 2018, purple will reign supreme. Purple Rain/Reign Supreme is the mantra. Please repeat in meditation. It may open that crown chakra.

YELLOW If there is just ONE color AND one KEY item to really think about adding this year, it is the yellow dress. Think BIG BIRD. A yellow dress should be YOUR biggest adventure this year. (The demand is high and we've been on the waitlist for a few!)


POLKA DOTS Carrying-on from last season. You will find them in monochrome (mono=1 chrome=color) this season. Let's keep breaking the glass ceiling and wear this pattern in modern shapes to avoid looking like a 1950's housewife!

VINTAGE FLORALS Talking of housewives, vintage-look florals from the 40's-50's are coming and not slowing down. We've found new floral patterns popping up for the mainstream, I can actually wear this trend, kinda pattern.

CHECK PLEASE Northerners are not surprised by the amount of checks. Trade in your buffalo checks for folksy ginghams.


TRENCH COATS: And here is the investment piece that will last a lifetime. Whether deconstructed and warped or adhering to tradition, the trench coat will be worn with everything from bikinis to lady boss attire.

1980'S: We are talking the new mom jean (high-waisted girlfriend jean) wedged into white ankle boots and worn with a loose-fit top. THIS is SPRING peeps. If you missed the last 80's, jump on this 80's bandwagon.

BELTS & BUM BAGS Nothing says 80's like a fanny pack, renamed the “bum bag” in year 2018. Yep, fashionistas & big designers went there. really doesn't matter what kind of belt, use it daily over a dress or over-sized shirt.

CRYSTALS & PLASTICS: Clear, sparkles, & waterproof plastics are a predominant look for Spring/Summer 2018. Remember those clear rainbow plastic purses, belts & shoes from the 90's?...they are back with a clear bang!

RAW FABRICS: The new way to minimalism is wearing worn-in & soft edge linens. Think of that sail you made as a kid from an old sheet to propel you across the great lake….it looks like that, but $$$.

SHEER: The “naked dress” and everything that lies underneath. Transparency is a headlining trend. We feel bralettes are a tasteful nod to this trend. Keep your fancy panties to yourselves please.







Curated by your BAB Clothing Coordinator. -XOXO AP

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