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Paint The Town BLUE

Look down around town and you may notice some new artwork in a surprising spot… storm drains.

An initiative put in place to increase public awareness of the connection between storm drains and where the water ends up had us jumping at the chance to use some of our own designs for a great cause!

Anndrea applied for this opportunity to share one of the designs from the blue. line from blue arrow boutique. The line was created to highlight the wonderfulness of living by a GREAT LAKE! And, what it means to LIVE FRESH.

She started with a fresh blank canvas of white paint

Used a stencil to outline the design

And filled it in with our favorite hue (BLUE!)

Be sure to see the masterpiece for yourself! Located at 28th and Weeks.


The goal is to work with artists to bring attention to the city's 3000+ storm drains and increase public understanding of urban infrastructure's impact on water quality through public art; specifically the direct connection between storm drains and the nearest lake or stream. Each image helps connect viewers to the nearest waterway via the storm drain at their feet. Artists involved in this project include local students, as well as professional and amateur artists.

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