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Meet Sonia!

Sonia hand carved 3 designs for our blue. line this Spring! We converted them into digital files & Duluth Screen Printing printed them for us.

Hometown: I grew up in Prairie du Sac, a little village close to Madison, WI. Dreamtown: My dreamtown has and probably always will be Sedona, AZ (it’s so gorgeous there, highly recommend visiting !!) but I’d also love to have a historic home somewhere in the forests of Vermont. Year in School: I’m a freshman at UW-Superior right now in school, but the semester is almost over and then I’ll be on my second year! so exciting !! I’m majoring in visual arts (of course, couldn’t imagine doing anything different :) and considering a minor in either history or geography. Dream Job: I have a few possible dream jobs; being a tattoo artist, training service dogs, or doing something with historical architecture (though not being an architect, i just like drawing old buildings) Favorite Quote: My favorite (and simultaneously least favorite) quote is “change is the only constant in life”, something my mom tells me a lot. I’m still in the process of accepting it as fact because I like to hold onto the past a lot. Artist Inspiration: My current artist inspiration is @quarryhousepress on instagram, I adore her prints and style! I also love photographers Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) and Emily Blincoe (@emilyblincoe) and get super inspired by them as well!!

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