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Blanket Scarf 101

Blanket scarves. We love them.

They're versatile, they're warm & they're really easy to wear once you figure out your favorite ways to put it on!

First things first, start with a cute basic top.

Next, grab a corner and fold the scarf in half so that it's a triangle. Place around your shoulders so that the point is at your back and pointing towards your toes.

Keep as is to wear as a wrap.

Overlap the two front points and add a belt. It instantly becomes a poncho!

Wrap one front flap around your neck for a simple, yet chic bundled up look.

Flip your scarf so that the main point is facing forward. Wrap ends around your neck and back to the front. Tuck them underneath and enjoy the added warmth!

Show us your favorite way to wear a blanket scarf. Tag #mybluearrow on Instagram & stop in to find your favorite plaid pattern.


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